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My new single, 

The American Silverback.


Moonbeams & Memories is a seamless 60-minute New Age and World Music production delivered in three acts. This album was written to encourage a stream of consciousness consisting of inner-peace, optimism, self-confidence, and reminiscing on lost memories.

Act 1 (songs 1-8) is composed on synthesizers and piano. They are meant to promote deep evocative inner-thought and serenity while stirring the listener's imagination.

Act 2 (songs 9-17) is composed from symphonic and various world instruments. Songs in this section are influenced by traditional musical styles from around the world. These songs take the listener on a world tour from the Australian outback to the jungles of Usango, DRC in Africa while stopping at other regions along the way.

Act 3 (songs 18-23) incorporates all of the influences from the previous acts. Its songs are composed on synthesizers, symphonic instruments, traditional world instruments, guitars, percussions, bass guitar, and vocals. The final song, Singularity, is composed to make the album seamlessly loopable.

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